What Creates Noise And How Can You Stop It?

Before you decide for a way to soundproof your home, you may want to educate yourself on this subject.

What creates noise pollution is the sound and there are different mediums it uses to travel around. Some of these are more and some are less resistant to the vibrations sound makes. One of examples is the air – it doesn’t have much resistance to the sound vibrations so many people are trying to block air flow in order to soundproof their home.

In case there are several larger objects standing opposite to one another, the sound will travel between them multiple times and create noise. Now that you know this, you can choose a good soundproofing method to reduce the amount of noise in your home. One thing you can use is Mass Loaded Vinyl, you simply caulk these to your walls with some silicone. Other approach is to use rubber floor tiles or rubber rolls. These are great to block the noise from your basement.

To block the noise from the ceiling, resilient metal channels that are installed between the drywall’s can do wonders. Of course, you have to soundproof your doors and windows as well, if you want to feel any benefits of soundproofing. Oftentimes, there is no point in installing only one soundproofing material, you have to combine several of them to get the desired results.